Be a Healthy Voiceover Artist


1) Eating and Drinking
OK to stay long term in the voiceover business; you need to have a great voice, good equipment, good teaching, and you need to stay healthy. Firstly you need to just make sure you stay hydrated which could mean drinking 3 cups of green tea, drinking warm water, try to avoid alcohol, caffeine and definitely nicotine if you are a voice over you should not be smoking nothing because those substances actually dry out your body and particularly the voice. Also I would say try to avoid dairy like I love Greek yoghurt but it does leave like a kind of funny claim phlegm on your voice cords. So avoid diary and very salty food and stuff like that before doing a recording calm down on those for sure.

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2) Warm up

You need to remember that your voice is an instrument so just like an athlete just like Usain Bolt, people who played tennis and stuff. Their body is their instrument and they warm it up before they perform. So you need to warm up your voice so that will help you sound better. It is also going to prevent your vocals damaging and it’s going to let you last longer throughout the day. It is demanding doing voice over work for hours on the day you need to make sure that you warmed up your voice as well. So that would mean like doing drills, doing the alphabet, saying red leather , yellow leather , whatever it is that you need to do to warm up your voice. It could be reading poetry out loud and going through the alphabet forwards and backwards. Please do warm up your voice before you even pick up your scripts for the day.

3) Sleep Well
Try to get a good amount of sleep each night I don’t know if you can do 7 hours but a tired voice does sound very obvious. Even when you speak to someone you can hear on the phone if they are tired and imagine if it’s magnified on a microphone and it’s been recorded. It’s like 100x worse.



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4) Exercise

Exercise as much as you can 3, 4, 5 times a week, the exercise helps your body rejuvenate, get strong. That also improves not just the physical body and stuff but it helps your brain cells renew. I’m not saying you have to run to the gym 5 times a week because that couldn’t itself get boring do something that’s going to keep you energized physically. It is demanding physically to be on your feet recording day in and day out. Have fun; go for a walk, try Zumba, Hula Hoop, aerobics class, riding a bike just get yourself physically fit.


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