New Course: I Want to be a Voiceover Artist but where do I start?

So it is a few days into the new year and I hear you ask…

I want to be a Voiceover Artist, but where do I start?

So its a new year and you are thinking about starting out in your Voiceover Career? Have a listen to my webinar and take a note of the tips and hints I give from what mic to use and even the food you eat to help you on this stage of your journey. Click the link below to hear more and I look forward to seeing you on the course.


I run through 10 tips from what voiceover is all about, coaching, demos, what to eat, training, booking work, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Click the link below to hear the full webinar.


webinar screen capture


Here is the link for the webinar on I want to be a Voiceover but where do I start?



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Be a Healthy Voiceover Artist


1) Eating and Drinking
OK to stay long term in the voiceover business; you need to have a great voice, good equipment, good teaching, and you need to stay healthy. Firstly you need to just make sure you stay hydrated which could mean drinking 3 cups of green tea, drinking warm water, try to avoid alcohol, caffeine and definitely nicotine if you are a voice over you should not be smoking nothing because those substances actually dry out your body and particularly the voice. Also I would say try to avoid dairy like I love Greek yoghurt but it does leave like a kind of funny claim phlegm on your voice cords. So avoid diary and very salty food and stuff like that before doing a recording calm down on those for sure.

food 1

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