Male Voices I love to hear

My Favourite Male Voices I love to listen to…
I love listening to loads of different voices , listening to the tones, sounds and uniqueness of our voice.

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I picked out five…well actually six voices this week that I wanted to share with you  of male voices that are ones that I really love.They have got something different, edgy or its got a rasp on it or really clear. So I picked these voices  because I just couldn’t stop at five, you know me. They are just some really great voices that stand out to me and I love the different qualities in them.


Now you might  think why am I talking about a voice. Well let me tell you, your voice is as unique as your thumbprint. Can you imagine?  So your voice sounds like nobody else in the world even if you are a twin there are some differences. Your voice is unique,even from your family.  Although you may sound like someone else, like me for example I sound like one of my older sisters. I can hear the similarity in our voices , but also certain differences like stress on words,speed and pitch.

Denzel and John David

Denzel & John David Washington

 I always love to hear the voice of Denzel Washington and his son sounds just like him. I think he is called John David Washington. When you hear them they sound very similar. 

I really love different voices as they are so unique and says so much about the person.Let me walk through these different voices with you so you can hear what I hear.


The Rock & Morgan Freeman

The first voice that I really, really love is The Rock.  When he talks he really extenuates his mouth, smiles and pauses and is very clear in  his delivery of his lines. He is very easy to understand too. I love his voice and he’s got a different edge to it even when  singing for cartoon character. 


Next, my favourite the grandfather like no other Morgan Freeman. He is cool, smooth,  calming and reassuring so that is basically the booming voice of God in your ears. Morgan Freeman is got that “it’s going to be ok” tone all day long. I love it and talk to me more Morg.

Liam neeson

James Earl Jones, Liam Neeson & Sean Connery

Ooooooo so let me crack it open right here. So  another voice that makes me prick up my ears and focus my listening is James Earl Jones.  His voice always comes on the cinema trailers and adverts. His voice has lots of power and strength. I remember him from “Coming to America” film with Eddie Murphy. 

James earl jones

Ok, ok, ok now not only is he a great actor but his voice kills it to in particular on the Taken films. He has that husky, don’t mess with me or else i will kill you…kinda tone. Sometimes when Irish accents say particular words like “three” or “thirteen” it really reminds me of the Jamaican accent at times so I feel right at home.I couldn’t just mention Liam Neeson and not my favourite James Bond ever, the talented, easy going and enticing voice of Sean Connery. Hmmmm now don’t get me wrong I usually find the Scottish accent hard to understand maybe because of the pace of pronunciation. I love Sean’s voice as it has a kinda wisp or husk on it and I love it when he says “shaken not stirred. ” 


sean connery


Marvin Abbey  from 3 Shots of Tequila Podcast

Ooooooooooo ladies let me tell you about this next voice. Now let me get real close to the mic for this next voice. I only just discovered this voice this year too. Now I stumbled upon a podcast on Spotify called 3 Shots of Tequila. Now a word of caution here as it is a little explicit at times so be warned before you listen. So on this voice I was just attracted to the voice of Marvin Abbey. Now let me explain this guy’s voice ooooooo where do I start. So its London,  edgy, street, mature and African all mixed in at once. When I hear his voice I feel like I am talking to my crew and right at home. 

marvin abbey

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Who are your favourite voices? Why do you like them? 


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