Do you find it easy to talk to strangers? Shoe In Technique

The best advice for starting a conversation is actually quite simple—focus on the other person or say something light-hearted. People love talking about themselves.

Comment on Something Personal

Often, the person with whom you are trying to start a conversation will have some unique aspect of themselves. Perhaps it is an item of jewellery, an unusual shirt, or maybe even a tattoo; something distinctive that tells a story about the person. Items like this give you a starting point for conversation.


Say something like:

  • Love your hair… is it from Ali Express?


  • Girl where did you get them shoes from?


Be sure to avoid anything too intimate as a starting point or you’re likely to offend the other person. 

After you receive a response, have something else to say that will give you a common platform on which to build a conversation and a relationship.

Remember, the goal is not to say the perfect thing or come across a certain way, but to open the door for more conversation.


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