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It is essential to compete in today’s voiceover industry business to have a home studio, there are very rare occasions that people going off to studios or meeting clients face to face. Unless it’s a huge job by Disney, universal etc. You need to get your own home studio setup and it doesn’t have to be expensive either.

So start off small and simple, it doesn’t have to be huge with all singing all dancing, it just needs to do the very basics. It is possible to set up a simple studio cheap and neither does it have to be mega expensive. It just needs to do the job you should gauge to spend in between sort of £300 to £800 get it all done if you’re making it all from scratch.


Lap Top & Mic
You need a computer or laptop so you can get a plug in mic that needs to run through a mixing table first. A USB mic that plugs straight into your own laptop.
You need a good microphone to start off with and when you’re buying a microphone make sure you go to the shop and test how does your voice sound on all those different microphones go to a good electronic shop, test about five and record it on your phone and send it to your friends and ask which one do they think sounds best.



Mic Stand
It’s good to have a music stand as well so you can put your scripts on the stand if you’re holding the script papers are going to rustle and that’s going to pick up on the recording and you don’t want that.

Some studio monitors are nice, if not you need a good set of headphones to listen to your playbacks.


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