How to speak effectively in your next interview part 1 of 4


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This is part 1 of 4.

Let’s jump in here.

  • Speak positively 


Use positive language, so, for example, you can use words like “when I’m in the role,  when I’m in the position, when I start the job or when I begin work with you or when I join the team. ” make it look in the interview that you’ve already been offered the job ok.

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  • Interview the interviewer 


How can I be interviewing the interviewer? Interviews are a two-way street and it is not just about them checking you out. You are looking for credentials seeing if you’d fit well to the team you need to ask questions to find out if this is a company that you can gel with all the team. Are you someone that can work with, can this be a potential manager? You need to also assess and determine if you can work there as well at the same time while they’re assessing if they can work with you.

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I am excited to see you improve in this area. Don’t forget the next part is out next week, so stay tuned.


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