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A lot of your day as a voiceover is spent talking but you need to do lots of learning, there so many books out there that you can read.


There’s “ voice over”  which I’ve been reading recently by Jeff Lupitin. Now this book goes for a range of different topics about how to get started up front, your voice.  Jeff  gives so many good tips and hints of how to read a script how to break it down and how  to pull on the emotions. It is a really helpful, concise book, straightforward with no messing about.

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Another book is called “how to be a voice over actor“ by Alan Smithee now this looks really short and to the point. IT goes through the basics about listening, record yourself and how do you sound,  and join up to different online websites to audition.  The usual stuff on get a  demo, get an agent, it  is mainly for those who are in the American and Canadian markets but you can still learn lots in that book as well and just constantly auditioning and recording he talks about too.

alan smithee

“how to stop build a 6 figure voice-over businesses “ by Bill Dewees he runs through kind of the basic stuff about voice-over talent, the business and what is a voice over, how much you can earn. He talks about the old industry style with that big boom voice. Times are changing and in the new version of audiobooks voice recording and he talks about what it takes to be successful.  He also gives you information about a killer demo that’s going to get you noticed; you need a hard-working website to profile your work.

bill dewees


I mean there are loads more books  there’s “money where your mouth is” by Elaine Clark,  “Big Book of voiceovers” have a look online for more, read something daily and keep on going, keep trying to learn.


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