Love Sandwich

My Favourite Way of helping people understand how to improve their behaviour by speaking to them with the love sandwich technique…

Ok so have you ever had to deal with a tricky situation at work, with a neighbour or just someone getting on your nerves at the gym. But they just keep trying your last nerve.

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Have you ever tried speaking to them using a love sandwich? What’s that I hear you say…Well let me help you out my friend.

Slice 1: Tell them what they are good at.

E.g. Sally you are really great at organising the promotional events for the new makeup range. The posters were great, even the one that had all the products with the  banging makeup , really knowledgeable and there was amazing sales.

Love sandwich 2

Filling: explain the issue

E.g. It was a little challenging to do the end of day sales profit /loss figures. So I was wondering if in the future you can plan time maybe  small chunks like 15-20 minutes of the admin at the end of each day then that would reduce the overall amount of time we need to spend on doing the admin for the next event. 

Slice 2: remind them of all the good stuff they do and inspire them to do something even greater in the future.

Love sandwich 1

Think of how you can use this love sandwich speaking technique to help people when their attitude or behaviour needs to be adjusted.

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