Voiceover Tip 1: What is Voiceover all about?

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Do you think you can do Voiceover?
Have you ever been told you got a great voice or you would sound great on Commercials,  Audiobooks, commercials etc?

Well you are in the same place I was a few years ago, sitting on the train ride home  entertaining the idea of getting into voiceover but not having a clue where to start?

I had all the negative thoughts of:

“Oh I am not trained in acting”

” I don’t really like the way I sound on audio”

” how can I switch careers at this stage, forget about “
and the list goes on and on. Sound familiar right?

I know how you feel My Love, as I felt the same and had those thoughts and more about why I should not dare step a foot into voiceover as what would a chick from East London have to offer that has not already been done ? Answer a lot, tell those negative thoughts to get their bag and go as you are doing a new thing now.




What is Voiceover all about ?
So it is acting with your voice, yes a full on Oscar performance where no one sees you but only hears your efforts in the recording kinda thing. Voiceover is everywhere say for example you are at the station and you hear “mind the gap.” Let me go through a list of others e-learning, Explainer videos,  In-show Narration, Commercials, Radio promo, Gaming, Animation and Audiobooks to name but a few. Oh yes, and of course the annoying voice when you call the bank and its: press 1 for accounts, press 2 for credit cards, press 3 for mortgages and this is telephony and IVR voiceover style of work. So you get my point there is a huge amount of areas where voices are used, but where do you fit best ? Where do l start? I am glad you asked My Dear as I really think it’s great you want to venture into the Voiceover world and these tips might just help you:


  1. Research what area of Voiceover you think you might suit e.g Gaming, Animation, IVR, Telephony, Promos, Explainer etc
  2. Get coaching & training:  everyone who does something greta has a coach and triang think of Usain Bolt, I rest my case.
  3. Be in tip top health to be a  Voiceover it’s a marathon not sprint
  4. Be careful what you eat and drink as a Voiceover as certain foods change how you sound. As an example that yummy honey greek yogurt leaves a mucus on your vocal chords that can alter how you sound slightly
  5. How much should you charge, do not charge too low or indicates :poor quality of work. You are not a charity and a fair pay for a fair day’s work.
  6. Have a heart to learn something new everyday as the industry and life changes and you need to be up to date with current trends
  7. Equipment: you need to spend on getting a decent microphone and then go cheap and record in your wardrobe wit quilts and think curtains around you to reduce outside noise and always sound treat the location you are in
  8. How do you get voiceover work: pay to play sites like Voices.com, Voices123.com and Mandy.com
  9. Markup and underline your voiceover scripts so you know where to stop , pause, push on a word or give emphasis as needed
  10. Cut your demo once you have experience and have worked out what you are good at and please get it done by a professional sound engineer or producer not at home on your laptop …please I beg you get it done properly as its your voice version of your CV.

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New Course: I Want to be a Voiceover Artist but where do I start?

So it is a few days into the new year and I hear you ask…

I want to be a Voiceover Artist, but where do I start?

So its a new year and you are thinking about starting out in your Voiceover Career? Have a listen to my webinar and take a note of the tips and hints I give from what mic to use and even the food you eat to help you on this stage of your journey. Click the link below to hear more and I look forward to seeing you on the course.


I run through 10 tips from what voiceover is all about, coaching, demos, what to eat, training, booking work, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Click the link below to hear the full webinar.



webinar screen capture


Here is the link for the webinar on I want to be a Voiceover but where do I start?




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How to get into Voiceover Webinar Friday 12 January 2018

How to Get Into Voiceover Webinar

Friday 12 January 2018

Time: 12pm GMT/7am Eastern

I am going to be sharing tips, tricks and ideas on how to start and succeed in the industry. Plus some bonus giveaways to help you on your voiceover journey.



Check out my “How to Start in Voiceover ” webinar on Friday 12th January 2018 at 12pm GMT.

Click Facebook live to join the webinar here https://www.facebook.com/Leighannes-Voice-667746426694132/


fb web 1

Catch the replay if you cannot make it at 12pm .


Check out my “How to Start in Voiceover ” webinar on Friday 12th January 2018 at 12pm GMT.

Click Facebook live to join the webinar here https://www.facebook.com/Leighannes-Voice-667746426694132/




Check out my “How to Start in Voiceover ” webinar on Friday 12th January 2018 at 12pm GMT.

Click Facebook live to join the webinar here https://www.facebook.com/Leighannes-Voice-667746426694132/

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How much should a Voiceover charge?

So the tricky topic of money.

How much do you charge for your smooth silky tones?

It is one of those topics where hmmmm you don’t want to charge too much and Chase your potential client out the door or bid too low so they think your cheap and that it’s an indicator for the quality of work.

A few suggestions that I have learnt so far:

1)ask the client what is their budget if not fully investigate the matter like it says in deutro 31: 19 ,
● ask the style of work,
●number of words,
●whether pick ups are included,
● will they do the mastering and editing
●Can it ba done at home or do they need you in

Be willing to negotiate,  and don’t go too low as your potential client will go lower. So be sensible.

headphones 4

2) always ask for a 50% deposit so you can book a time slot in your diary

3)get a rate sheet for the style of work you do, check out the one on voices.com or The GVAA Rate Guide
if you are not sure. Use it as a guide and try to develop your own. Have a price for commercial work like, 0-5 minutes then 6-10 minutes. Create a price rate for e-learning, animation etc

4) have your rates written and a payment policy on your web or a word document so that you can send it through before work starts.  Once the job is done then promptly send your invoice

5) if getting payments through PayPal then make sure it is sent in your currency and the client pays the exchange fee if it is sent via international  BACS into your account so you don’t loose out


Hope this is a great help and you can get hold of me on leighanne@leighannesvoice.com

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Top Tips for a Voiceover Artist Audition

1) Script
Know your script; you have to do study at the script the client wants you to read make sure you highlight and breakdown the text with keywords you need to emphasise, buzzwords, and company name. Try to establish what is the emotion, tone, who are you and who you speaking to. Try to make sure you’re reading with the right emphasis the right tone speed and emotion.

2) Drink
Hydrate your life you need to make sure you drink lots of water the night before an audition and even of the morning too. Smooth vocal tones start off with good hydration. Try water with mint, cucumber and even chia seeds. Drink warm water I don’t drink freezing cold water always just boiled or room temperature water.


water 1
3) Feedback
Listen to feedback it is there to help you, guide you and get the best and right emphasis from the text. If the clients directing by Skype or Phone take the guidance e.g. speed up the text, slow it down, use more of an inflection, colour the word, change temperament. They want you to be able to follow the direction and just do it you know.

audiobook 2
4) What are you good at?
Identify what is your field, you know where your voice fits best and apply for auditions. It could be audio books, narration, commercials, video game, explainers, E-Learning or interactive voice recognition, voice mails. You need to work out what is it that your voice actually suits and do that.

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Learning as a Voiceover Artist


A lot of your day as a voiceover is spent talking but you need to do lots of learning, there so many books out there that you can read.


There’s “ voice over”  which I’ve been reading recently by Jeff Lupitin. Now this book goes for a range of different topics about how to get started up front, your voice.  Jeff  gives so many good tips and hints of how to read a script how to break it down and how  to pull on the emotions. It is a really helpful, concise book, straightforward with no messing about.

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Be a Healthy Voiceover Artist


1) Eating and Drinking
OK to stay long term in the voiceover business; you need to have a great voice, good equipment, good teaching, and you need to stay healthy. Firstly you need to just make sure you stay hydrated which could mean drinking 3 cups of green tea, drinking warm water, try to avoid alcohol, caffeine and definitely nicotine if you are a voice over you should not be smoking nothing because those substances actually dry out your body and particularly the voice. Also I would say try to avoid dairy like I love Greek yoghurt but it does leave like a kind of funny claim phlegm on your voice cords. So avoid diary and very salty food and stuff like that before doing a recording calm down on those for sure.

food 1

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What makes a good Voiceover Artist?


1) A voice that can transmit emotion
Ok so it’s all well and good having a nice voice, but that is not enough, you need to be able to act, yes even though no one will see you. When you act out these scripts it helps to transmit the emotion. Acting also helps to provide the right emphasis and right inflections that the script that might be needed.

2) Humility
As a voiceover you need to be able to take direction from the client, studio engineer or the direction given by Skype. It is not wise to try to do your own thing because you think that your style or way is much better. You are paid to be a voice on the project not the brains

3) Home studio, good microphone and software
Ok so recording on your mobile phone is great for practice but not good enough quality for professional jobs for sure. You need to be able to soundproof the room or side of the room you are using to do recordings. There are many acoustic tiles and foam you can buy online to do the trick. If you are not a DIY person than there are portable sound booths online to buy too have a look at Harland Hogan. Amazon and EBay too. Some good software to record and edit your voice samples is audacity, pro tools and Garage, there are many so have a look at what suits your budget.headphones 4

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Home Studio

It is essential to compete in today’s voiceover industry business to have a home studio, there are very rare occasions that people going off to studios or meeting clients face to face. Unless it’s a huge job by Disney, universal etc. You need to get your own home studio setup and it doesn’t have to be expensive either.

So start off small and simple, it doesn’t have to be huge with all singing all dancing, it just needs to do the very basics. It is possible to set up a simple studio cheap and neither does it have to be mega expensive. It just needs to do the job you should gauge to spend in between sort of £300 to £800 get it all done if you’re making it all from scratch.


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