Podcaster Tips 6 to 10 (part Two)

I love listening to loads of different voices , listening to the tones, sounds and uniqueness of our voice.


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This is part two of my 10 tips on how to improve your podcasting skills  so that people listen to what you say rather than just all of the mistakes or how you’re saying it wrong this is part 1 of 2 podcasting tips.  I left the links below to catch up on what you might have missed. 




  • Your mood or personality 


If you are feeling sad,down or tearful… these vibes can come through your voice. So you might need to give yourself a pep talk to get livo and do star jumps or something so you can be at your most hyper energy. 




  • Flaunt your storytelling skills


Engage your listeners with great relatable stories , what you learnt or what you will start or stop doing since the experiment 



  • Relax


Free flow and sound like you are talking to your friends and family.


A great speaker doesn’t memorise their speech or constantly think about what they’re going to say next. They’re paying attention to the audience. They’re feeling themselves in the moment. They are completely focused on the task at hand.



  • Know your stuff with passion or when you don’t know say it too


So obviously you have a huge following because you know your stuff, got passion for it and keep it real.



  • Use a shield to reduce plosives


There is no way around it the Ps or Bs are always going to hit the mic hard. A way to reduce this is to use a mic shield, drink water to lubricate your mouth and when you are saying words like please,  boss, pleasant etc move your mouth slightly off the mic to reduce the plosive impact.


You can do it.


Hope you enjoyed part two of my podcaster  tips and catch up on part 1 on the links below.


Listen to my Podcast or watch the Youtube video for the rest of my thoughts on this topic on these links don’t forget.

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