Question: How can you improve your speaking voice?


I love listening to loads of different voices , listening to the tones, sounds and uniqueness of our voice.

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I get asked lots of times “Leighanne, I like the way you sound and I have a big presentation at work or trying to sound engaging on the podcast and how can I do it?”

The sound of your voice is like a cake: it’s the delicious result of different ingredients mixed together. This includes your cadence, tone, speed, and volume, all of which add up to the final result.Did you know there are studies suggest that people determine how trustworthy or dominant you are within the first 500 milliseconds of hearing your voice.

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How It Works
Before you can stand in front of a crowd or click on your mic for podcasting  and talk about anything that pops into your head, the body goes through three main processes for voice production: through your lungs,vocal box and voice projection. Our voice is the result of a complex, unique bodily system working in harmony, so don’t mess up the harmony.


Record yourself speaking. 

There is often a large difference between what we are hearing and what others are perceiving when we speak. The scientific explanation is that sound reaches our inner eat by two separate paths: through the air that travels into our ear and through bone-conducted sound through the tissues of the head. When we speak, we hear both. Others are only hearing the air-conducted version. It’s important to understand how your listeners will hear you, so record your entire presentation or speech  and listen for:

Volume – Does your voice carry through the entire room for all your listeners?

Speed – How quickly or slowly are you speaking? The ideal speaking rate is 120-160 words per minute; where do you clock in at?

Clarity – Are you missing any words when you speak due to mumbling or unclear speech? Listen carefully to the recording for any words that might have been missed.

Breathing – Are you rushing through words and gasping for breath? A proper breathing technique is one that goes unnoticed. Think of all of the incredible, speedy rappers that exist like Busta Rhymes. No one has ever heard Busta Rhymes gasping for air, which is why he’s the greatest speed rappers in my book.

Pitch – This includes the highs and lows of your voice, and it is important to vary  your voice to keep your listeners engaged. Are you as monotone as your least favourite history professor at University? Or do you have enough ups and downs to rival a roller coaster? There needs to be a happy mixture in the way you speak. 


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