Some Common Public Speaking Mistakes (part 2)

I love listening to loads of different voices , listening to the tones, sounds and uniqueness of our voice.


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So all of us have been to a speech or debate or presentation and there’s something a little bit off with the speaker they’re doing something wrong or it’s just boring all their making mistakes and it’s it’s just distracting in your hoodie listen to what they’re saying.


This is part two of my 10 tips on how to improve your public speaking so that people listen to what you say rather than just all of the mistakes so click the links below to catch up on the parts that you might have missed. 


6. Poor Organisation



You need to keep in a good flow so that people engage, listen and not become bored with everything that you are talking about it.

It helps to have some visuals, pictures, background music or something to add in addition to what you’re saying. Although your voice may be nice to you, your friends and family it  might not be so much the chosen earcandy to your audience listening. Keep looking at the audience to check their following what you’re saying too.

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7. Low Energy


I think it’s key just get your energy up, do some star jumps or jog on the spot, stretch,do something to kinda get the adrenaline going in your body before you go and do a speech or talk at work. Make sure  you coming there at 110% rather than like I’ve just had my dinner and I’m really tired. Always be aware of your style, your speed, your volume, intonation make sure that your voice stays engaging. Do not be boring or montone.

8. Bad Timing

You might have to up the ante when doing a speech in front of a team meeting or business presentation is not like speaking to your friends and family or over the phone you got to come with more energy more depth for more volume more detail and your timing needs to be probably a little bit faster pace and when you talk about your regular day to day things to keep people interested and timeless key causes a very hard point or a challenging point give that as a slow pools behind it to show the importance of it


9. Reading (too much) from Notes


Something is good and great to have notes but don’t read off them you could have just handed out your speech as an email if that’s what you can do use them to prompt you to remind you don’t write sentences out on your notebook saw your post it notes that has them as I could just remind of the Themes or topics you going to it’s so much easier to speak to someone who’s freestyling speaking naturally about a topic that they know maybe they’ve got a few pointers and a content sheet but do it in that way I’d highly suggest do not rely heavily on your notes because it comes across that way is stiff not connected and not caring even and there’s no eye contact what she spoke about in last week’s blog plus it’s not natural to talk from a piece of paper.

Helmi Lutvyandi man in basket

10. Using Space Inappropriately
Prep your room and  location before the talk starts to see how much space you’ve got to make sure that you can walk up and down the stairs or get to the desk on the podium safely. Make sure you know where  all the equipment is, if you need to use a microphone and projectors and laptops and clicking in and out of computers and check you can see everyone and everything. Walk around and do not just sit on a chair or stand in the same place like you’re a statue


Keep practicing the only way you’re going to improve is keep going over it and no one’s perfect as a public speaker there are some very great ones like Oprah, Obama and  Tony Blair to name a few. You need to keep working on a daily basis if you have to speak at work,have to give presentations you need to know how to present yourself effectively and all these skills that I have given in part 1 and part 2 are going to help you be more effective in these situations.


Keep going.


Hope you enjoyed part 2 of my public speaking tips and catch up on part 1 on the links below.


Listen to my Podcast or watch the Youtube video for the rest of my thoughts on this topic on these links don’t forget.



I love listening to loads of different voices , listening to the tones, sounds and uniqueness of our voice.


This blog is a snippet from my podcast and video where you can listen and watch the full versions here.





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