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Podcaster Tips 6 to 10 (part Two)

I love listening to loads of different voices , listening to the tones, sounds and uniqueness of our voice.


This blog is a snippet from my podcast and video where you can listen and watch the full versions here.




This is part two of my 10 tips on how to improve your podcasting skills  so that people listen to what you say rather than just all of the mistakes or how you’re saying it wrong this is part 1 of 2 podcasting tips.  I left the links below to catch up on what you might have missed. 




  • Your mood or personality 


If you are feeling sad,down or tearful… these vibes can come through your voice. So you might need to give yourself a pep talk to get livo and do star jumps or something so you can be at your most hyper energy. 




  • Flaunt your storytelling skills


Engage your listeners with great relatable stories , what you learnt or what you will start or stop doing since the experiment 



  • Relax


Free flow and sound like you are talking to your friends and family.


A great speaker doesn’t memorise their speech or constantly think about what they’re going to say next. They’re paying attention to the audience. They’re feeling themselves in the moment. They are completely focused on the task at hand.



  • Know your stuff with passion or when you don’t know say it too


So obviously you have a huge following because you know your stuff, got passion for it and keep it real.



  • Use a shield to reduce plosives


There is no way around it the Ps or Bs are always going to hit the mic hard. A way to reduce this is to use a mic shield, drink water to lubricate your mouth and when you are saying words like please,  boss, pleasant etc move your mouth slightly off the mic to reduce the plosive impact.


You can do it.


Hope you enjoyed part two of my podcaster  tips and catch up on part 1 on the links below.


Listen to my Podcast or watch the Youtube video for the rest of my thoughts on this topic on these links don’t forget.





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The Sound of your Voice is like cake part…let me explain part 2

The Sound of your voice is like a cake…let me explain

part 2


Question: How can you improve your speaking voice?


I based this podcast and blog on my page www.leighannesvoice/news on this article here, go ahead and read or listen to part 1.

How To Practice

After recording and re-listening to your presentation, you will probably start to notice weak spots.


Relax – Start by yawning, wiggling your jaw, humming, and inhaling a large breath for 15 seconds, then release for another 15. Remember all of those stages of vocal production? Most parts of those can be gently warmed up before you practice.


Vocal Exercises – Are you a terrible singer? It doesn’t matter, vocal warm ups are still for you. This can help you enhance projection, work on clarity, and improve breathing techniques. Here is a video of one musical vocal exercise that might turn you into the next Mariah Carey:


Reading Aloud – This can help strengthen your pitch as well as your vocal clarity; start by picking a tricky passage and then adding as much “zest” or variation in your pitch as possible while you read it.

Strength Training – Looking to push it to the limit when it comes to improving your speaking voice? The power of science can back you up. This set of exercises includes everything from a hissing noise practice to saying “ney” at all volumes.

Put A Book On It – To practice mindful breathing techniques, lay down flat on the floor and place a heavy book on your abdomen. Sound crazy? This will help you become more aware as you breath with your stomach, teaching you to control those pesky muscles.

Since the voice is heavily influenced by outside factors, be sure that you take excellent care of your throat, lungs, and vocal chords before your presentation.

Mindful practice is the key to improving your speaking voice.

I got a bit of my info for this blog from
(Your Guide to Developing a Stronger Speaking Voice Posted by Scott Schwertly | July 9, 2014)

Listen to my Podcast or watch the youtube video for the rest of my thoughts on this topic on these links don’t forget.



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Does your English accent let you down when you do presentations & meetings at work?

Do you fear speaking in public because of you English accent?

Have you been to an interview for a job, that  you know you are more than qualified for and then you are given feedback and they said that you were a very nice person but your English was not good enough?

If you said yes to any of the questions above then please join the webianr for some amazing tips and hints to reduce your accent when spekaing English.

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You’ll learn in my great Accent reduction Webinar EXACTLY what you need to do to reduce and soften your accent and sharpen your voice articulation skills.

Accent webinar invite

What your accent says about you?

What the struggles are when you speak English with a hard to understand accent?

Common problems with speaking English

Remember it is not easy to learn English as it is a mixture of so many other languages

Learn some tips on how to reduce your accent & be clearly understood .

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