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Tips to create a Ted Talk part 1 of 4 : Know Your Audience

I love listening to loads of different voices, listening to the tones, sounds and uniqueness of our voice.


This blog is a snippet from my podcast and video where you can listen and watch the full versions here.






This is Part  1 of 4.


Let’s jump in here.
ted 4

So who are you talking to? Do you know your audience? Are they men, women, peers, parents, got money, stressed, business owners etc?


talk 4

Keep in mind your audience in mind when creating a speech.  What do they want and need to hear? Knowing who you are speaking to will help you fine tune the talk and will help keep the audience stay engaged and not float off on their phone checking out Instagram.


talk 7


I am excited to see you improve in this area. Don’t forget the next part is out next week, so stay tuned.


Listen to my Podcast or watch the Youtube video for the rest of my thoughts on this topic on these links don’t forget.





If you want to improve the way you speak?


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Hustle hard

As a Voiceover you got  to get work, stay in work and enjoy your work, here are some tips that get me through.


1)see your studio as a playground where you create till your heart’s content


2) hustle hard and I love to break it down like this…

H: hard work


U:undivided attention


S:strong mental and physical strength


T: tenacious focus on the prize


L:loves the art and not in it for the money as in the beginning there is not much


E:efficient  as do much admin for running your own business


You are your business so focus on the business as much as the creative side.




If you want to hear more tips then check out the podcast in the link below.


Youtube Channel

I have bags of tips and tricks for those who want to get into voiceover on my Youtube channel here.


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