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The Sound of your Voice is like cake part…let me explain part 2

The Sound of your voice is like a cake…let me explain

part 2


Question: How can you improve your speaking voice?


I based this podcast and blog on my page www.leighannesvoice/news on this article here, go ahead and read or listen to part 1.

How To Practice

After recording and re-listening to your presentation, you will probably start to notice weak spots.


Relax – Start by yawning, wiggling your jaw, humming, and inhaling a large breath for 15 seconds, then release for another 15. Remember all of those stages of vocal production? Most parts of those can be gently warmed up before you practice.


Vocal Exercises – Are you a terrible singer? It doesn’t matter, vocal warm ups are still for you. This can help you enhance projection, work on clarity, and improve breathing techniques. Here is a video of one musical vocal exercise that might turn you into the next Mariah Carey:


Reading Aloud – This can help strengthen your pitch as well as your vocal clarity; start by picking a tricky passage and then adding as much “zest” or variation in your pitch as possible while you read it.

Strength Training – Looking to push it to the limit when it comes to improving your speaking voice? The power of science can back you up. This set of exercises includes everything from a hissing noise practice to saying “ney” at all volumes.

Put A Book On It – To practice mindful breathing techniques, lay down flat on the floor and place a heavy book on your abdomen. Sound crazy? This will help you become more aware as you breath with your stomach, teaching you to control those pesky muscles.

Since the voice is heavily influenced by outside factors, be sure that you take excellent care of your throat, lungs, and vocal chords before your presentation.

Mindful practice is the key to improving your speaking voice.

I got a bit of my info for this blog from
(Your Guide to Developing a Stronger Speaking Voice Posted by Scott Schwertly | July 9, 2014)

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