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10x Public Speaking Mistakes (part 1)

I love listening to loads of different voices , listening to the tones, sounds and uniqueness of our voice.

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So all of us have been to a speech or debate or presentation and there’s something a little bit off with the speaker they’re doing something wrong or it’s just boring all their making mistakes and it’s just distracting in your head to listen to what they’re saying.

This is part one of my 10 tips on how to improve your public speaking so that people listen to what you say rather than just all of the mistakes or how you’re saying it wrong this is part 1 of my 10 tips on how to improve your public speaking to the people listen to what you say rather than just all of the mistake for how you’re saying it wrong .

1. I cannot hear you

The problem of speaking far too softly. If you speak softly you have to use a microphone. There’s no real way around it. Especially if you need to speak to a huge audience or it’s in a big room where your voice may not naturally travel. You need to clearly articulate all of the words loud and clear.Also you have to speak a little bit louder than you regular talking voice if you’re in front of a big audience. So all of that mumbling, talking and quietly is not going to work in a huge room with a large audience or when there is lots of background noise. If you’re speaking at an evening dinner or Gala. You better be speaking clear loud or just keep quiet and sit down.

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2. Stuttering or Saying “Um”

So it’s really common for people to say the word um, or make sounds or things just to kind of fill in gaps. If you don’t know what to say, then, just don’t say anything. It can make it seem like you’re more at ease. But then sometimes if you’re on a podcast or on the phone, and you just constantly saying “um”, that’s what people can often start focusing on rather than what the content of what you’re trying to say.

3. Stiff Body Movements

What is your body language? Because as well as what you’re saying is key, how are you presenting yourself? So make sure that you’re wearing clothes that are appropriate for the talk, for the event, day, for the time for what you’re saying. Make sure your body language and dress code goes along with what you are trying to share.Make sure your body language is confident is too. You are human, not a robot standing there talking to people, whether you’re sharing the year end stats or doing the presentation of an award.Let your body move.If it’s helpful for your talk, walk around, because if you do stand up in one place for 10 minutes, half an hour, 45 minutes, that can be quite boring. Plus that can bring down your energy then might affect your tone of your voice.


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4 Poor Eye Contact suggests nerves or a lack of confidence

Eye contact is key everywhere. Even if you’re talking to just one person or two hundred people. Eye contact builds trust and confidence.When in front of a large audience, I know it can be terrifying, but good eye contact, it is essential. It is just got to be done. Practice it, keep going with it. Be comfortable in yourself , be comfortable with eye contact. Even if the person drops your gaze still keep looking at them.

5. Lack of Facial Expressions

Your facial expressions help tell what is going on in your mind. Like obviously, I’m not telling you to be Jim Carrey, with your face, pulled in all different directions and stuff. But your facial expressions must go along with what you’re saying, including in support of your body language too. So don’t look at the floor. Don’t day gaze. Don’t stare at people in the front row for too long, that is just weird. If you can catch a few people’s eyes, s,ile and engage them then move on. Don’t keep a straight face and if it was a joke, then laughs or smiles. Laugh too if it’s relevant to the topic. If you haven’t got any facial expressions at all, you’re boring to watch and you’re even more boring to listen to. So It’s your choice.

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