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How much should a Voiceover charge?

So the tricky topic of money.

How much do you charge for your smooth silky tones?

It is one of those topics where hmmmm you don’t want to charge too much and Chase your potential client out the door or bid too low so they think your cheap and that it’s an indicator for the quality of work.

A few suggestions that I have learnt so far:

1)ask the client what is their budget if not fully investigate the matter like it says in deutro 31: 19 ,
● ask the style of work,
●number of words,
●whether pick ups are included,
● will they do the mastering and editing
●Can it ba done at home or do they need you in

Be willing to negotiate,  and don’t go too low as your potential client will go lower. So be sensible.

headphones 4

2) always ask for a 50% deposit so you can book a time slot in your diary

3)get a rate sheet for the style of work you do, check out the one on or The GVAA Rate Guide
if you are not sure. Use it as a guide and try to develop your own. Have a price for commercial work like, 0-5 minutes then 6-10 minutes. Create a price rate for e-learning, animation etc

4) have your rates written and a payment policy on your web or a word document so that you can send it through before work starts.  Once the job is done then promptly send your invoice

5) if getting payments through PayPal then make sure it is sent in your currency and the client pays the exchange fee if it is sent via international  BACS into your account so you don’t loose out


Hope this is a great help and you can get hold of me on

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