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Voiceover Tip 2 : Get Voiceover Coaching & Training


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Everyone who does something great has a coach, trainer, mentor a big brother/sister to help them improve their skills. Think of Usain Bolt, one of my favourites Athletes of all time has a coach, nutritionist, strength coach etc, you get my point. All of those great athletes have a team behind them: Michael Phelps, Michael Jordan and Shelley Ann Fraser  to name but a few. To do something great and even leave a legacy you need a trainer or coach, someone who can look from the outside at how you perform without the emotional involvement that you have. usain 2


Your coach can see your weakness and make them strong and then increase your strength, give tips advice or just tell you that you are straight up crazy.

To do something great you got to copy, listen and imitate someone who has done it before you. When you have a Coach listen to them and do the actions they say too.

Michale phelps 1Let me know how it goes, I have had amazing Coaches, Trainers & Mentors and I highly recommend them to get an honest opinion as to where you need to refocus your VO career. Please contact me on if you want their details.

Michale Jordan 1

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