Tips to create a Ted Talk Part 3 of 4: Connect not just throw Content

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This is Part  3 of 4.


Let’s jump in here.

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Connect with a story to help your audience relate to you, see why you are relevant for what you are going to share. As an example, I saw Tony Robbins once at a conference and he talked about when he only had a few dollars in his wallet, paid for a boy to go to lunch with his mum and now he is rolling in it after years of hard work etc. 



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To get a person’s ears and attention you got to go for the heart and their emotions. 

Forget about it if you are going to list of numbers, stats and infor…who cares. “. “Be clear about what you want the audience to walk away with when they leave and use that as a structure to frame your talk.”  Give your listeners what they want to hear. 


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Do you sound interesting? Your passion for a topic can draw people in; talking without any enthusiasm for the topic can kill the vibe in the room and shut down your message with your audience more interested in posting on twitter. 

When you give the talk try to persuade and not just chuck info at your listeners.



I am excited to see you improve in this area. Don’t forget the next part is out next week, so stay tuned.


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