Tips to create a Ted Talk part 4 of 4: Be Yourself

I love listening to loads of different voices, listening to the tones, sounds and uniqueness of our voice.


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This is Part  4 of 4.


Let’s jump in here.
ted 3

No one likes a counterfeit product. It is so annoying if you buy something on eBay and the designer label is hanging off. No one wants a fake speaker either.


talk 5

Some speakers may try to sound like someone they admire instead of being themselves, just be you. You are an original, not a photocopy…I saw that quote online somewhere. 



I think imitate some good parts of great speakers like Obama, Martin Luther King, Judi Dench and The Rock to name but a few but still be you, sound like you, use words that you know and jokes that your audience will laugh at too.
the rock



I am excited to see you improve in this area. Don’t forget the next part is out next week, so stay tuned.


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