Top Tips for a Voiceover Artist Audition

1) Script
Know your script; you have to do study at the script the client wants you to read make sure you highlight and breakdown the text with keywords you need to emphasise, buzzwords, and company name. Try to establish what is the emotion, tone, who are you and who you speaking to. Try to make sure you’re reading with the right emphasis the right tone speed and emotion.

2) Drink
Hydrate your life you need to make sure you drink lots of water the night before an audition and even of the morning too. Smooth vocal tones start off with good hydration. Try water with mint, cucumber and even chia seeds. Drink warm water I don’t drink freezing cold water always just boiled or room temperature water.


water 1
3) Feedback
Listen to feedback it is there to help you, guide you and get the best and right emphasis from the text. If the clients directing by Skype or Phone take the guidance e.g. speed up the text, slow it down, use more of an inflection, colour the word, change temperament. They want you to be able to follow the direction and just do it you know.

audiobook 2
4) What are you good at?
Identify what is your field, you know where your voice fits best and apply for auditions. It could be audio books, narration, commercials, video game, explainers, E-Learning or interactive voice recognition, voice mails. You need to work out what is it that your voice actually suits and do that.

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