What makes a good Voiceover Artist?


1) A voice that can transmit emotion
Ok so it’s all well and good having a nice voice, but that is not enough, you need to be able to act, yes even though no one will see you. When you act out these scripts it helps to transmit the emotion. Acting also helps to provide the right emphasis and right inflections that the script that might be needed.

2) Humility
As a voiceover you need to be able to take direction from the client, studio engineer or the direction given by Skype. It is not wise to try to do your own thing because you think that your style or way is much better. You are paid to be a voice on the project not the brains

3) Home studio, good microphone and software
Ok so recording on your mobile phone is great for practice but not good enough quality for professional jobs for sure. You need to be able to soundproof the room or side of the room you are using to do recordings. There are many acoustic tiles and foam you can buy online to do the trick. If you are not a DIY person than there are portable sound booths online to buy too have a look at Harland Hogan. Amazon and EBay too. Some good software to record and edit your voice samples is audacity, pro tools and Garage, there are many so have a look at what suits your budget.headphones 4

4) Tenacity to hustle for work
Voices are everywhere. It is great if you can identify what is your genre; like are you good at character voices, can you do accents, voicemail recording, radio promos, commercials, is your style corporate, can you read for explainer or eLearning videos. There are so many areas where a voice is needed. So contact your local hospital radio, supermarket, chamber of commerce, apply for jobs on sites like voices.com, vocies123.com, fiverr has a lot of work but not a good pay-out. There are also so many other web sites like peopleperhour, Bodalgo. The list is endless.

5) Discernment
Ability to pick the right work that suits your voice, style and age range that your voice can do. Wise enough to see when a scam is on as unfortunate there are people out there who pretend to be clients and ask you to complete a voice job and promise to pay on PayPal or bacs etc. and to no avail. Always get scripts and deposit if not full payment up front.


6) Love learning
If you are just starting out in the business you need to learn lot fast. I would suggest getting a voiceover coach, read voiceover blogs and books regularly, go on a course, get some studio time to hear how you sound in a studio and getting feedback on your skill from those in the industry, go to conferences just fully immerse yourself into the industry so you can learn a lot. Knowledge helps you to make great decisions
Practice, practice practice daily. Like any skill or craft for it to get better you must develop and practice at it. Get feedback…not just from your friends but an industry professional who is actually booking work, studio engineer or casting director who can tell you where you need to improve.

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